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Hi all,


Due to working abroad I had to close for a couple of weeks. Current orders are not affected of course.

I like to keep things simple, so no fancy colors and images here. Just the important stuff :)

Please note: Almost everything I sell is USED. This means some scratching, tiny teeth marks and slight discoloring is possible, especially with the older parts that aren't produced anymore. Please don't buy my used parts if you are hoping for new.

However: The "newer/common" parts I sell are shiny, teethmark free and without any deep scratches. Most of my parts could be listed as "like new"

Extra costs:

Handling: Euro 0.00
Packaging: Euro 0.00
Paypal: Euro 0.00 + 0% (I do however kindly ask you to use Iban / Bank transfer if possible, because of the costs of Paypal) 

Cat. stands for category. In 99% of the 'not cat. 1' items I will explain why it is not category 1. When in doubt, please ask.

Please consider the age of the items, like I will.

Cat. 1:
- Minifigs have excellent patterns, no cracks, big scratches or bitemarks etc. 
- Baseplates have (almost) no discoloring and all studs are intact. No stretch marks.
- Instructions are without any big (unwanted) folds, no punchholes, all pages in staples.

Cat. 2:
- Minifigs have "ok-good" patterns, but no cracks or bitemarks etc. As example: The gold on a space minifig might be white, but otherwise it will be fine.
- Baseplates may be slightly discolored, 1 or 2 studs might be damaged, or a stud may be broken from the corner. Still very usable however.
- Instructions are good, complete and very usable, they may have some folds, punchholes or pencilmarks as example

Cat 3:
- Minifig patterns might be worn, crack in arm or torso is possible(however I will probably end up replacing the arms before shipment after all). Usable, but not pretty.
- Basplates may have strechmarks, missing studs, big scratches and/or discoloring
- Instructions: All pages present (always), but they might be out of the staples, wrinkled, or torn. Usable, but not pretty :)


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